Want to engage with thousands of FAMboree attendees? Reserve your place in our VENDOR PATCH.


The Vendor Patch will offer space for organizations to showcase their services, products or purpose in a format designed first to educate attendees and secondly to engage and drive interest with the thousands of community members in attendance. This marketplace of products and services related to the farm-to-table lifestyle should provide attendees ways to lead a more natural and sustainable way of life at home.

The Vendor Patch will showcase the organizations, individuals and products that are aiming to build a better food system. We hope to have an impact on our community, and we would love to highlight your work as part of that.

The Vendor Patch at the Farm & Table FAMboree is 11am-6pm on Saturday, September 8, 2018. Set-up is allowed between 7am and 11am Satruday morning and tear-down must occur by 8pm that evening. Stalls are 10’x10′ spaces and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Vendors may consider selling items such as produce, flowers, jams, sauces, art, crafts, housewares, and more. Contact us for more ideas.

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Contact us to reserve your own interactive Vendor Patch space today.