Spider Murphy

In 1963, at six years of age, Spider started taking guitar, tenor banjo, tenor guitar, and mandolin lessons from Joseph F. Pizzatola and Robert Ezold at Pizzatola Music Studios on Suffolk Street in Holyoke Massachusetts. The music studio was located upstairs from the Suffolk Theatre and was the same studio that his father and three of his aunts studied music 40 years earlier.

His first paying professional gig was in 1964.
In 1979 he graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a diploma in Arranging and Composition, while majoring on guitar.

1981 through 1997 he was professionally performing, arranging,composing,and recording in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco,with occasional gigs in Reno, Las Vegas, Virginia City, and Laughlin Nevada.
He has recorded and performed with Jazz Legends such as clarinetist Bobby Gordon, conducted orchestras behind comedians Joan Rivers and Gary Shandling, and has won a New York Directors Guild Award for national television and radio commercials he has written.

At last, Spider has hung his hat in New Orleans and considers it part of his musical destiny resulting from the recurrence of vivid musical dreams since his early childhood about New Orleans.
Fever Dreams¬†” he calls them…